Safety Standards

Safety Standards

All of our products meet and often exceed industry safety standards. Here are some of the regulatory requirements new ingredients are reviewed against before they are approved for use in our products.
All ingredients must be used according to IFRA requirements.

Substances classified as CMRs shall not be intentionally/directly added.

No Proposition 65 ingredients, unless the following exemption criteria can be met*
The material is exempt Title 27 § 25501. “Naturally Occurring Chemical in a Food”
An exposure scenario is provided documenting exposure below applicable NSRL/MADL

No ingredients on the ECHA candidate list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

No Nitromusks present as ingredients.

No dyes containing or that may release aromatic or aryl amines (Azo dyes)

No ozone depleting substances.
No material identified as an endocrine disrupter.