When you find yourself in a stinky situation, Fresh Scents can help. We've been making the world a better smelling place for over four decades. Our made in America, earth-friendly, fragrance-filled, artwork-wrapped scented sachets are the easiest way to freshen any space. So let's get real, you know you need a sachet.

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Earth Friendly Packaging


30% Recycled Paper

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Long-lasting Fragrances

Lasts for months

Contains essential oils

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Made in America

Original artwork and fragrances created in-house

Spring Scents


Featured Fragrance

NEW! Just Imagine

A whimsy filled addition to our fragrance lineup, Just Imagine is perfect for a spring season in bloom. Fresh falling rain dances on water lilies as the gentle patter of the butterflies' wings serenade you into a scented slumber.

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